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Our Story

S.C.P.A. "Dragan si Asociații" is a distinct kind of law firm. We blend the law practice with economic development to help get our client where the client wants to go. We're interested in finding solutions to make things work. We understand that the client wants a team of specialists with business sens who can offer practical legal advice, not just answers that are technically correct but leave the client wondering what to do next. 


Because we recognize that each client is diffrent, we handle  matters according  to the client's needs. 


We customize our strategy, services and even our pricing structure to better suit any particular needs. And if the client's requirments change suddenly, we will adapt quickly to satisfy them.



Clients are seeking law firms that  will  help manage  their legal costs. And for clients looking  for  greater flexibility or certainty in their legal costs, we   are happy to offer alternative  fee  arrangements in addition to traditional hourly billing rates. 
The  great  news  is  that  you have  found us,  and  we  are ready   to help  your   business thrive in today's economy.



Our Expertise
Connect with Us

Legally Speaking. Business Thinking.


TEL: +40 722 621 579

        +40 216 373 733


ADRESS: 28 Cameliei Street, Bucuresti, Romania


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