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Mrs. Ioana Drăgan


Mrs. Ioana Dragan is an Associate Lawyer at S.C.P.A. "Drăgan si Asociații" registered and regulated by the Bucharest Bar Council and a member of the Romanian Bar Association.​Ioana has extensive experience in accessing European Funds being a licensed expert in Public Acquisition advising services and a professional Trainer recognized by the Romanian Ministry of Labour and Ministry of Education. ​ She has been advisor to the Government of Romania, respectively Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sport, in connection with the Public Acquisition Strategy and Project Implementation. Ioana, has acquired significant experience in the Energy sector, advising clients on licensing and day-to-day regulatory issues pertaining to their Romanian operations.​

Mrs. Ioana Dragan leads a team of experienced lawyers who deal with a wide range of legal matters.

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